What to do if I have to buy IF again?

So, at first IF asked for an Apple ID, after that it didn’t let me play and kept crashing. I decided to reinstall it, now it says I have to pay again. Do I have to pay again if I don’t have any other phone that has it? Not sure why it’s making me pay again despite me having the app previously downloaded.

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That sounds exactly like you’re using a different Apple-ID than originally used when purchasing the app. Hence you’re getting asked to pay again as well as getting those popups about an Apple-ID.

Could it be that you’ve changed recently?


First, have you tried going into your “purchased” section of IF? Does the app itself cost to the subscription?

Try these steps

All App Stores selling Infinite Flight and it’s associated in-app purchases allow for downloading without repurchasing after an item has been paid for. If you’re an Android user your previous purchases will automatically be unlocked when you download the app. Apple users must open the aircraft selection page, then tap “Restore Purchases” to access any purchased regions and aircraft. To ensure success, please check the following:

  • You have used the same App Store account and ID as the original purchase.
  • You have not been previously refunded.
  • You are not using any IAP hacking programs.

From the support FAQ.

No it may say you’ll have to pay but as long as you’re using the same Apple ID It will say something along the lines of “you’ve purchased this app already do you want to buy it again for free”

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And no, it wasn’t done recently. Like year ago.

I don’t know how to explain… I have my own account connected to brother’s account. I remember the password and stuff, but when I enter it, it says that it’s wrong and closes IF. Don’t know what to do… If I bought it already, it shouldn’t take money again, right?

It won’t take any money if the app is already purchased or under Family sharing, no. But we can’t guarantee that as we can’t see your purchase history for the Apple-ID.

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image that’s what it shows right now.

Check your order history for the Apple-ID and see if it’s there. And the same for any other Apple-ID that may be related.

Ok, thank you.

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