What to do if ATC opens up until you land

If you are on final with no atc active and at 400 ft ATC is active, what is the proper procedure?

If you have time to talk to ATC, feel free. Otherwise, you can land. (within reason - don’t land on top of an aircraft lined up, etc.)


Thank you, will do

Hey, @Aviation2929!

Adding to the previous reply, ATC will typically let you continue with your landing if you’re within the cone. If we would like you to be with us, we would on-guard you and issue a pattern instruction, sequence (if needed), and a clearance. If that is not the case, and you were previously cleared, and it would be difficult for you to contact the controller, we would let you continue. We tend to share information like who’s on final, been cleared, etc. before we handoff to another controller.

Additionally, if you’re on Unicom and announce your intentions, and ATC comes online, you should be okay. We can see the logs. 🙂


Ok, thank you

Basically just tell yourself that the IFATCs are human before all, we obviously see you’ll can’t contact the tower for your intentions so we’ll not do anything ;)

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Actually, at 400 ft, you’re expected to tune in, call inbound on the ILS, request a transition, say stand by, go around, say you’re welcome, and request a frequency change (and tune out without permission).

I’m obviously joking, what everyone said is correct.


Thank you all

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