What to do during Day Longhauls


What does everyone do during day long haul flights?


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Get on with your normal life. Just live your life normally like how you would if you weren’t doing a long haul, check on it every few hours or so then come back to land in the evening.


My days consist of study and PS4 mostly at the moment


I actually use IF during the day to make sure I don’t use my phone. It’s good to be off devices, so go outside, read a book, do something with your family, etc.


If you got schoolwork, DO IT!
Read a book,
Go on the IFC,
Learn something,
Eat something,
Do something.


As said above you could go about your normal day. I tend to watch movies or play Xbox with my friends

Oof, here we go.

  1. School work
  2. Homework
  3. Sleep
  4. Read
  5. Eat
  6. Watch TV
  7. Watch YouTube
  8. Go bike
  9. Go ski
  10. Do something that’s never been done

Ah yes, skiing. That doable sport for most people xD


So if school’s at home, ???


Yep this what do ^


During ones that I do in the day time:

Do some exercise
Chat w/ friends

Thats about it

I have class and they give homework after.

Either way I just watch different people on twitch and have class. Nothing much :)
Oh and some netflix series’s along the way

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  1. Eat
  2. Go on my phone
  3. Go outside and procrastinate on homework
  4. Go somewhere and pray that I get home to land

I am not good with homework so I wait until like 7 pm to start 😬

Read book. Listen to music. Watch some TV. Take a walk outside.

talk to that girl…

@anon57683537 knows what I’m talking about 👆


I Usually fly long-haul route at night so the plane is on auto pilot while I am sleeping and I wake up every few hours to check on the flight It is a lot like being on a sailboat where you have to wake up every few hours and check the anchor chain or the morning line To make sure you haven’t gone to drift I said you do the same thing flying

I like to leave IF on one monitor, windy.com / map-flight on an other for tracking my flight and netflix on the other, I recommend watching netflix or getting work done or maybe listening to spotify.

Like some people have said above, I like to leave it on at night while I sleep. I actually just did that last night on a flight from KJFK to EGLL. If you plan your flight times correctly, you can wake up, and then start your approach to the airport of your choice! During the day, though, I like to just do my school work and such.

As most people have said, just going about your life as normal is the best bet. During this quarantine and online school I reckon it would be a good idea to take off just before classes start in the morning and choose a flight that’ll let you arrive just after all your classes finish. For example, classes start at 8 and finish off at around 3-4 so I would take off just before 8 for a 7-8 hour flight so I can continue on with school and enjoy some quality flying time!

Uh, play games

READ… :(:( … lol other stuff is good tho

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