What to do after work... | Munich, October 10, 2019

Hello again,

quite quick after the last spotting topic I’m back with another one (and another one might actually come very soon). A few specials were announced this afternoon so I left work early and headed to the airport. Sadly, the weather wasn’t too good so the specials ended up quite bad since the sun only turned up after them.

At least the afternoon sun made for a nice light for this Royal Air Maroc wearing 60 year stickers…

…this Lufthansa A320 wearing the new colors after it used to wear the special albino Star Alliance livery after joining the fleet again and before it got repainted…

…and more or less for LH’s latest A350 D-AIXO.

A surprising and rather good looking landing was this K5 aviation Bombardier Global.

At least a little debut for me was this proper shot of Air Europa’s “Express” livery.

Also rather surprising to me was this Disneyland Paris livery on Vueling’s A320.

Before getting back to the remaining specials, here’s just a little city hopper connecting Vienna and Munich.

While I missed their retro 330 yesterday, Turkish sent an A330 in Star Alliance colors to Munich today which also happened to land in nice evening sun.

The actual specials I went to the airport for were two quad-jets. While I already got good shots of the orange and blue variants, I’m still lacking a green EXPO A380 of Emirates since my first pic ended up badly due to a cloud in London. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out better this time so I had to come up with a rather heavy edit for this one. What do you think?

THE special of the day that also ended up shadow-ish was a nice “little” business jet which is a rather regular visitor to Munich. At least I could save this one with a bit of Photoshop.

You might have noticed that I was rather quick on the texts for this topic. This is due to a slight lack of time since Airport Editor’s want their airports reviewed 😉 This will become better again as well :)

See you next time!



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Fantastic pictures as always, thanks for sharing!

Regarding the EK A380: That’s a fantastic dramatic shot with high details (you can see the Emirates paint behind the sticker), which I really like!

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I’m not complaining…

Great shots, love the Emirates one the most

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These are absolutely spectacular shots! Unfortunately I haven’t the time to quote the entire thing right now 😂


Oh my gosh so beautiful!

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How are your shots so clear, high quality, and well edited? My shots never come out like that :(

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As always, amazing photos by the one and only, @Moritz. You are a legend, these are so amazing! Great job and I can’t wait to see more!

The green EXPO A380 is my favorite by the way.

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Oh, don’t worry, no work tomorrow so I have plenty of time to wait for your quote :P


D-AIXO is SHAARRRRRP! That’s so flipping handsome 👌👌👍👍😍

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Well, folks, here we go… 8 topics to quote. Gotta love Moritz hounding you :P

I’ve always thought the 737-700 looks a little stubby, but the RAM livery works well with this one.

RIP Lufthansa Yellow. I prefer the look of the 320neo to the 320, but certainly doesn’t look bad in the new livery.

Ahhh, an A359. So pretty, especially in those LH colors! (color? lol.) I’ll have to fly the LH A359 in IF one day.

Potentially Unpopular Opinion: This looks better than the 350.

The AirEuropa livery in my opinion is too simple. Doesn’t look too bad, though.

I feel like this doesn’t work with the Vueling livery too well… oh well.

Ahh, that’s a good looking livery! Love Austrian.

Looks like that was a pretty good landing. Not the biggest fan of the Star Alliance livery, but it certainly doesn’t look that bad.

This dramatic edit looks FANTASTIC. Great work!

Brown isn’t the greatest color, but this A340 makes it work really well. Neat shot!


Now that took some time 🤪


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