What to do after contacting departure/approach during a go around

So during today’s friday night flight, for traffic reasons I was instructed to go around, which I did, Then tower told me to contact approach, I did so and requested approach vectors again. Did I do the right thing or should I have done something else?
and what if he sends me off to departure? what would I say then.

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That’s fine or you can just check in with them, or announce a missed approach either way.


if he tells me to contact a departure would I just check in or would I be able to do the same thing as I did with the approach frequency even though he is departure?

Same thing applies to departure

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Ok thanks for clearing that up, Just wanted to know to prevent a mistake in the future :)

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In addition to this, the tower controller will usually tell the approach/departure controller that “xxx” is a go around. Good communication is essential to prevent confusion!

Yeah I figured that. since the tower told me to make right traffic I was worried approach was gonna send me left, but he didn’t he sent me on a right traffic approach so I assumed either the tower had communication with him or it was just coincidence, but now with you’re reply he probably sent me on a right traffic approach because of tower info. (If the tower says which traffic you’re supposed to make to the approach which I figure he did)

For ease of the controller, whenever you call into approach it’s good to just say what you’re requesting rather than “check in”, unless you truly just want to try to follow your FPL, which rarely will be possible in busy airspace

Checking in is completely fine as they will have the tag from the previous approach. Checking in, in general is perfectly acceptable for departure or arrival. If we need to move you or give you an approach we will.

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