What to do after approach hands me off to Tower?

So today I was flying to Paris (expert server). I tuned into approach frequency and did what they told me to do until finally they gave me my last turn to line up with the runway. After that, Approach told me to contact tower. I contacted tower and I announced I was inbound on the ILS. Tower told to me check forums about using ATC.

Am I not supposed to announce inbound when I am handed off? And what else should I do after approach hands me off?

PS. I am new to expert server, so I apologise if I’m asking dumb questions.

After approach hands you of you call inbound on the ILS/GPS/Visual after that just land unless he tells you to go around.For example “IFA1 inbound on the ILS runway 10L”.


Klax wasn’t open today… or in the whole of this week


Probably it was training server. You did everything right, I think.

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I dont think TSATC is allowed to send “check toutorials on the forum” message

To add on what @Kaj said, after that tower will give you a cleared to land command.

@Jakub_Astary if you don’t know the answer please do not post, it just clutters the post.

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Why kind of approach did you request from approach? Visual, Radar Vectors, ILS/GPS or Flight Following?


woops, my bad. (I usually fly there). But I think it was Paris. From KATL

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I requested ILS

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If you were doing an ILS Approach, you were good, Tower was wrong.
If you were doing a Visual Approach, or an approach via Radar Vectors, Tower was right.

Okay. Thank you for your response :)

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