What To Do About Bad ATC

Operating system:
How do we report bad controllers? I’m flying out of Heathrow and the tower (controlled by “V1RGLE”) is departing traffic on the same runways facing each other. For example, he’ll clear someone on 09 to takeoff and someone to land on 27. (Which is the same runway, just differently sides)

(Edit: the SAME thing happened today at EGLL except it was a different controller and I was on short final. What’s going on with controllers???)

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Which server was it on? As has been stated, if this is occurring on the training server, than nothing can be done.

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I’ll just add that any occurrence on the Expert Server should be directed at Tyler (who I won’t tag, as I assume that he is busy with the 22.8 release). IFATC takes quality service seriously and continued poor service may result in action being taken against the controller in question, with remedial training, temporary suspensions, or in the most severe case, permanent suspensions, issued as the leadership sees fit.

The same goes with controllers who may be abusing their position by mass reporting or abusing other ATC-exclusive features that may be made available to them.


As noted;

If this does occur once again, the best option is to contact IFATC directly regarding the controller’s poor use of the system.


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I’m sorry to hear you had a less than satisfactory experience. I went through our database and don’t see a controller under that username in IFATC.

For this reason, I would assume that this issue occurred on the training server. In this server, pilots and controllers may not have the most experience because they are trying to learn. I remember when I was a training server controller, I used to do that before I learned how to properly control for IFATC.

Since they do have a community account, you could send them a message, respectfully of course, to guide them in the right direction.

For future reference, if you have issues with controllers on the expert server, we ask that you send a private message to that controller in order to work out the issue. If that doesn’t work, feel free to contact Tyler_Shelton, JoshFly8, or Myself and we will help resolve the issue.