What to buy

I’ve just €5 left on my Itunes account but can’t choose between live, region or an aircraft.

  • Boeing 787
  • Region (like New York, Hawaii)
  • (Wait for) Global

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Live. Flat out. Live. Also, check out the other recent posts on the exact same topic

One thing I’ll never understand is why people ask others how to spend their money.


Hey, if they’re asking i’ll always recommend Live+.


I voted wait for Global, but since we don’t know whether Global is in a week or a year, GET LIVE +.

I agree that you should get live+, by the time global comes out you might have the money to get live+.

Guys he said he only has €5 left, he can’t afford live+, only live

To get recommendations on what we think is best. There’s no test drive option!

I would wait for global! That’s what I’m doing 😄

I voted for global but the 787 is real good :)

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Get the Boeing!

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