What to buy?

I have £2 that I want to spend on IF. I would buy Infinite Pilots, however I inky get live for one month every year, in the school holidays when I have loads of time to play it.

What should I buy with it? I don’t mind buying IF related apps.


Get a Google/Apple then buy everything :)

I don´t know if you can buy anything in IF with 2 pounds. You could buy a subscription of Cameron´s app for your PC and see the airport charts though.

It’s an iTunes voucher, otherwise I probably would. 🙂

If i would have to be honest, I would save for Live+ (Even though I bought all regions and most airplanes) due to it just being such a great deal for any true IF player.

@lollip is there any point to Infinite Pilots if you play solo most of the time?

Infinite Pilots is meant to see what users are on live. And I think a cool view of something I don’t know…

Hi Giacomo,

Infinite Pilots is for players who fly on live, not solo mode unfortunately.

To get a good overview of what can be done with Infinite Pilots, please see this link: [iOS app] Infinite Pilots is out now!


Okay. Do you know of any apps that are good for solo mode? So would the flight recording not work on solo?

I might get it any ways.


Do you have iOS?

Yes, I do. 🙂

Do you want a screen recorder?

Yep, a screen recorder that would allow me to record IF would be cool.

But not one of the ones which just records the web.

But doesnt IF already have a screen recorder? You could save the 2pound to buy some aircraft when you get more. I’ld thing thats more worth it since you hardly play on live.

If you wanted chart and what not, its available online, you could view it on a computer and play IF.

Just my 2 cents.

No, it doesn’t for iOS.

oh, my bad sorry. I dont own IOS products personally.

In that case, sure investing on a screen recorder is good.

I can’t find any for iOS. 😞 I might jus t buy IF Pilots…

I would recommend AirShou as a screen recorder.

Tried it, don’t like it. It records the microphone,