What to buy?

Got £4. I’m tempted to buy the Carribean region, or should I buy an aircraft (I already have 773, 190, Dash 8 & A340)? I don’t want live as my iPad is not connected to WIFI.


Maybe save your money for 787?


Like A380 said save your mullah for when the 787 comes out.


I thought that was going to be the free update for the current one. Do you know the release date of it? :D

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There will be a 787-8, -9 and -10.
Perhaps the -9 will be free and the -8 and -10 charged, but I am only speculating.
I don’t know when it will be released, it could be anytime.


But with the free 787-9 we are getting the 787-8 which is going to be paid and the 787-10 which is possibly maybe going to be paid. The 787-9 is free. I really don’t know about the 787-10.

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Okay. I’m happy with one aircraft type, I don’t really want to buy a different variant if I have one free. :)

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I don’t have the money or WIFI for that. ;)

Then maybe get 757. It’s the most on fleek aircraft with it’s own mustache.


You need WIFI to purchase

I know, I can only connect it every so often.

No, don’t buy the 757 it’s very old and it needs a rework

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Okay, what do you suggest?

I’d suggest the A320


Already got the A321 :D

If you like the A321, I highly recommend the A318/19. Although, it’s your money.

I don’t like buying different aircraft variants. Is the b76 any good?

What about the 7x?

I love the 767, but it’s an old flight model, so I wouldn’t go for it.[quote=“Giacomo_Lawrance, post:19, topic:54323”]

That isn’t in the game yet.

the falcon 7x