What to buy in IFA?


I am thinking about getting the passenger announcements in in-flight assistant and I wanted to know if any of the other options like RAAS or others would be worth buying.


Here’s the official thread with all the available in-app purchases. you can decide for yourself what is most necessary to your needs

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The extras are definitely worth it!

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The voice commands seem pretty cool


I bought every feature on the sale. It’s totally worth it


I only have 15 dollars to spend so what 3 would be the best to get? Just want to get people’s opinions before I make any final decisions


The voice commands are the one thing I would not buy as it didn’t work for me, just being honest here.


Buy it all except the voice commands

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What are the voice commands?


They’re sort of clunky commands that are meant to work when you say something, but they’re really bad at speech recognition😉

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@epaga: “Everything.”

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Don’t like the RAAS. Doesn’t work half of the time anyways.


Is the Infinite passengers safety briefing/passenger announcements better than IFA?


Really ? works every time for me


If you want certain airlines announcements then get IF pax, but you also have to buy specific airlines within the app. IFA gives more for the money in my opinion. Get everything apart from voice commands.


There isn’t really a what to buy… @epaga has done a magnificent job with IFA and as I have done, I think it’s worthwhile buying all of the add-ons. They really do make a difference to your flight experience!

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Yup. Just the RAAS though. Everything else works fine and on queue.


Would love more details about what doesn’t work for RAAS for you!

Here is the callout guide: let me know if something does not work as specified here:


Just a quick feedback, that for me it works like it should


GPWS gets you VNAV-so I’d say in order

2. Voice Commands
3. Announcements