What to add next to infinite flight

Write what you want Infinite flight to add in the coming year! 😉
I for one hope they renew the A330 family and add more liveries as well as the 777x a350 and much more!

I would really like some form of basic cloud cover, and also dense specks of light in cities for night flying that can be seen from the air. I think specks of light could possibly be implemented without much of a strain on resources and would revolutionise night flying

Hey, you can vote for that feature here


What I’d like to see is first an improvement of ATC side of IF IF how to greatly improve ATC || ATC only update idea

Second I’d like to see the lights being redone since it would make flying at night that much better especially for taxing

And then it would be nice to maybe focus on reworks more than adding new aircrafts. If they can get more planes to level of the a10 that would be wonderful 😍

And after that, if there’s still time and if it’s possible, clouds. But I understand that that’s a really hard one and devices probably won’t manage to process them…

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I agree with this completely


I agree :)