What Time you should choose when you fly advice

If you ever have trouble of choosing what time you want to fly in such as (sunrise,noon,sunset,night). Whatever region you are flying in, look to see what time it is there. If you do not like to fly at night, choose sunset or sunrise. Depending on if the time is closer to sunset and sunrise. In the Clock app on iPhones, you can make a list of the regions of infinite flight which is very easy to set up. Sometimes I get sick of flying at noon


Just wait for Global’s Dynamic Time :)


Wait hold up… this just crossed my mind. If were getting dynamic time then does that mean were getting taxiway lights? Cause you cant see anything at night unless we increase our screen brightness.


Dun Dun DUUUN!
Approach lights too? :)


I fly at night maybe 5% of the time due to the lack of light. With Dynamic Time being introduced, I really do hope they add as many of these exterior lights as possible. It’s a bit stressful flying an A380 in total darkness and I old hate to have to avoid certain regions of the globe due to the time of day.



I guess it’s not easy to add Taxiway lights to all Airports in the world…

All they would have to do would like make it part of the taxi way texture

taxiway lights are already in the sim
theyre just not rendered

Hopefully there switched on once global is out.

maybe, maybe not

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