What time suits you?

Hey community! (Cough G’Day)

I am hours away from posting possibly one of the widespread event to meet the forums, (definitely complex flippin heck), to advertise London’s underrated airports. It’s typical that I started on this 2 weeks ago and Misha came along and ruined it all by making the FNF Gatwick 🙄.

The event will be planned for January, and I just want to know what the best suitable time for you here is! This won’t be open for long, so I’ll close it once either a few hours pass, or I get 15+ votes. This time is in ZULU, let me know your best time!

  • 0000Z-0600Z
  • 0600Z-1200Z
  • 1200Z-1800Z
  • 1800Z-2359Z

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Hmm… well I think I’ve seen enough. I think for 2200Z, it’s late evening for the the brits, but would suit a long haul, and a load of short hauls for you Americans!

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Aye that’s our thing! 😉


Yes it is mate.

I just joke around because Qantas094 sees almost literally every new post on the IFC, like I’m being stalked, he’ll comment on my post in a PM seconds after I post it 😂…

Wait, who just tapped me on my shoulder?..


Why am I not asleep it’s 4:30am for me

Told ya.


Maybe get some shuteye it’s good for you.

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@Qantas094 and I are always watching, we have a group chat actually. Have some toad in a hole and get some shut eye😂. I’m off to the bottle o to get a couple of VB’s and watch the footy grand final with and after that I’m off to maccas with some mates (yes we are trying to confuse you) 😉

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If you’re trying to take the mic out of me… The that was successful, I had toad in the hole for the first time in ages on Tuesday 😂. If you want to continue an Aussie n’ England battle then we’d be best doing that in a ridiculous PM.

Also speaking of which this topic can be closed when needed since the event will be released when us brits actually start waking up,


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