What time does IFATC start?

What time do they start?

Region change is at 0600z each day but IFATC is a 24 hour, 7 days a week thing. The party never ends


Also do IFATC controllers get assigned airports or they just do the airport that is on the list?

Anything on the schedule for that day is fair game. It’s pretty easy and intuitive.


This Weeks Schedule: Controllers can choose between the airports featured each day

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So if I were to control a airport after a IFATC controller was there what would the previous D-ATIS code be example Bravo.

ATIS should progress from controller to controller (starting with Alpha and ending in Zulu). Generally, the ATIS progresses one letter down when a new controller takes over and opens up ATIS.

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But how would you know what the last controller code was?

IFATC have an internal way of communicating to each other to ensure the best service is provided pilots on the expert server.

If you’re so interested in day to day operations, you can always become a part of it and join.