What throttle setting setting should I use for takeoff on the Q400?

I was curious of what throttle setting I should set for takeoff on the Q400 because it is a turboprop and behaves differently than a jet powered aircraft in IF?

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Here’s a good source for most aircraft on Infinite Flight, the dash-8 Q400 is on this sheet.


Also, here’s the link to the takeoff tutorial: https://youtu.be/pdAczo0P0oA

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Take a look at this!


@Aquila this one’s for you

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90% is normal. 96% for MTOP (Max Takeoff Power), but it’s rarely used.
75% is a really good setting for realistic climb performance at 900rpm or 72% for 850rpm.


Here! It shows you in this tutorial!


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Alongside throttle during takeoff, I’d highly suggest taking a look at this professional document on the speeds and flaps when flying a DHC-8-400. It’s amazing and I encourage all of my VA to use it when flying this aircraft.

Free resource: Https://majesticsoftware.com/mjc8q400/downloads.html

• Imperial PDF (LB)

• Metric PDF (KG)


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