What the pilot could do in this situation? Question for the community

Hi guys.
The main theme of topic is about emergency fuel. I already know that I did wrong fuel calculation. But what should I do with 0 fuel on final?! Runway was 6 miles away from me. I decided to land my plane on water and did it. If you we’re me, what did you do?
It was expert server with active ATC. Thanks to this man for his prompt response to the emergency requste! He did his best.
If you want to learn more about how I acted in this situation, you can watch video, that I recorded.

This is not advertise of my channel. I just want to check my skills and make sure my actions are correct.


Well, I think you could have used more flaps earlier to get a better glide. Otherwise the high speed while intercepting the localizer also was a wise idea.


I thought flaps could broke speed

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That is a very tricky situation that you had there. I think that you should have immediately retracted flaps and glide as close to the runway as you could, and at last second put your gear down. Just an idea though.

Did this happen because of poor planning, approach ATC, etc…?


I would have maintained 245kts for as long as possible along with a somewhat higher altitude to help with the glide down.


Yes, they reduce the speed but also give you a better glide ratio since they increase the surface area of the wing generating more lift.


You should probably have realized that you were low on fuel earlier in the flight. Always remember the golden hour of fuel!

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It was because of me 😀 I did wrong fuel calculation

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I realized that 20 minutes before “landing”. But this irport was the nearest

Oh well. If this starts to happen more regularly, I would recommend you use SimBrief. Or simply put in more fuel.

@Kiz, actually they would increase drag and because he didn’t have engines he would’ve stalled. Retracting flaps was probably the better option. Even though maybe 2º or 5º of flaps was a good idea. You’d have to ask someone who knows more than I do.

What was your route? You most likely got the “not enough fuel to get to destination” warning before 20 minutes ETE.


I would have turned off one engine to take up a little less engine than had flaps 0 all the way down to your almost over the runway. Also how long was this flight?

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Route was LIRF-LEBL. As you can see in video, I have 1 hour and 40 minutes of flight time. It’s mean that I did second flight.

my thing is if i am kinda far from the runway and have emergency fuel is climb as high as possible, Then once you have zero fuel descend and to keep a speed you comfortable with.

You have to have great timing with every move tho.

Hey Feurum, I think what you did was right, but maybe in the future, come in higher and keep your speed higher so that you could have made it. What I usually do, and this works for me, is that I check the flight on FR24, see how long that took, and add 3 Hours, I’ve never been short on fuel, the one time I was close because I flew from Mexico City to Hong Kong, flying through Paris, my original destination was going to be Shanghai so I was headed in that direction, but I had to carry onto Hong Kong, close call. 😂

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flaps 0 would have been better because it would have caused less drag, but you handled this quite well. If you were able to make it to the runway, don’t deploy the gear until your like 10 seconds out. I probably would have maintained a higher altitude in hopes that I can glide my way down, but that could have used my fuel too fast. I think you made the right choice. One thing that I’ve never though about was when you announced that you were completely out of fuel.

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I tried it (I cutted that moment from video). And what do you think? With two engines it was 2 minutes and with one it was 1 minute…strange btw

Is it just a coincidence it’s Ryanair😂


That’s weird how long was your flight ?

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That’s probably because the plane had to compensate with the loss of engine power from one engine, by doubling the current thrust to make up for the lost engine.

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