What the longest you’ve ever been delayed at an airport?


6.am-7p.m in Lisbon missed the plane because my old plane was late, so I arrived late cause the airline not me.

2.5 hours, and then a 1 hour taxi at LAX. Lmao

4 hours at KMSP. There was a problem with the plane, but southwest wouldn’t tell us what. We pushed back on time and then taxied to a de-ice stand and waited there for 4 hours until another plane arrived.

14 hours at LAX. Nothing like arriving home literally a day after you should’ve. We were delayed because a flag came up on my passport that I was a wanted individual. I was 6 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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6 hrs with Aer Lingus from Dublin to LAX. Right engine fire and shutdown: diverted to Shannon and had to wait for replacement A330

HKG-JFK, back in 2007, was flying on a CX 744 if i remember correctly, and we were delayed 22 hrs, but got a hotel for the night and went back to the airport to finally get home. Engine problems so the aircraft had to be changed but it was the last HKG-JFK flight of the night

I was flying from PBI to HPN on JetBlue and right when we were about to takeoff, something happend in the NY airspace so they aborted takeoff, and we sat on the tarmac for two hours on this tiny E190. A nightmare lol.

Can think of 15 hrs in EWR (hurricane Irene and President Obama coming in to survey the damage). 18 hrs in Toronto due to a blizzard.

5 hours at LAX going to Maui there were maintenance issues with our aircraft Delta 757.

I have been delayed 6 hours once while traveling from KSAT-KPHL with a connection in KIAH. It was due to storms and a flight attendant who was late for the first flight. The second flight was delayed because a faulty light in the cockpit. The funny this is that if I chose the flight that left 45 minutes earlier I would have avoided the delay and arrived at my destination on time.

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Only 1hr 15min. Not to bad

Sat in a Singapore airlines a380 for 4 hrs cuz they couldn’t get the pushback buggy off… But hey, extra movie time!!

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6 hours… Was waiting to board for jetstar a320 to new zealand and the plane was super late then it broke down


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