What the longest you’ve ever been delayed at an airport?

What is the longest you’ve ever been delayed at an airport? Also, what was the reason of the delay?

Mine personally was a 10 hour delay at KMCO because of bad weather in the greater New York area. We boarded and in-borded over 3 times through out the entire process. The funny thing was, we even pushed on time (2:30est). Taxiied out to the runway, then instead of lining up, we taxied onto a hard stand east on 18L. I was wondering what the issue was until I noticed a few Jetblue flights and a Southwest plane following us in. We sat their for maybe an hour before the pilot made the announcement that there was a ground stop at JFK due to severe storms.

We then taxiied back at the gate and the pilot informed us that he would have an update on the weather in about an hour. By then they allowed use to disimbark from the aircraft, but we weren’t allowed to take any carry ons off of the plane. My Grandmother and I had to take turns leaving the aircraft so her purse and my bag wasn’t unattended to. Once the hour was up every one got back onboard and awaited the pilots announcement. He came on, same response. By then it was 4:30pm and my flight VS4 leaves JFK at 6:30pm. We can’t depart until minimum 5pm and will have no shot at making our connection.

So, my Grandmother and both get off for good and call to try and get re booked on another flight. The 8:30pm flight to LHR is a possibility and we go with that one. Then as we are about to depart, a storm comes through MCO halting all operations as ground crew cannot be outside in the current weather conditions. But then it’s 7:45pm, flight still hasn’t left. Delta wasn’t helping much ether, not being very flexible with the rebooking.

It takes until 10pm to finally get re booked on a flight the next day and find a hotel to stay at overnight.

Our original flight didn’t end up leaving MCO until 2am the next day.

Yeah, it was an eventful day.


14 hours at KJFK… don’t even ask why

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14 hours after my 9pm flight was delayed until 11am the next day.

4 hours but we had to stay on the hot plan the whole time!

I was delayed 2 hours at ORD due to a faulty engine, United is notorious for that. Lucky the next flight to Auckland was delayed 4 hours so we didn’t have to spend the night in LA which would be bad. But that delay then caused us to miss our connection to Rotorua but ANZ got us a van to take us to the airport which was nice.


Stuck in Atlanta with the rest of the Delta universe when their computer system went down because they stupidly let all the first-leg morning flights (a Monday morning, so all the business travelers like myself) off the ground assuming it would be a quick fix.

It wasn’t. They ended up flying in an empty plane from Denver to take us out…a long long time later, in a terminal that looked like a post-apocalyptic fallout shelter. Wasn’t counting the hours because everyone around me doing that was just driving themselves insane. But it was over 12.

Had a shorter one that made me angrier though. I stood first in an empty line at SEA-TAC to check bags while all four agents traded vacation stories. When they finally deigned to summon me and slowly shuffle through the process, the clock clicked to 40 minutes pre-flight…no more checked bags. Had stuff I couldn’t just throw away, missed the last two standbys, had to take a red-eye to MSP and finally return home around 8 AM the next morning. So they could gossip for a few more minutes.

That was less time in minutes, but an airport terminal is a very lonely place at midnight when you’re the only one in it and not a thing around is open.


had like an 8 hour delay on Silver flying from KMCO to KPNS. They bought us lunch at Macaroni Grill. Flight was suppose to leave at 3 left at 8.30pm

I had two 3 hour delays when I was traveling to Orlando a few years back, one from lax to Dallas and then a delay from Dallas to Orlando. The delay from dallas to orlando was because apparently the pilots were stuck in traffic on the way to the airport and when they did get there a thunderstorm forced a ground hold. Because of the delay, the FA’s waived the cost for TV (yes, there was a time you had to pay for TV on flights). On top of that, the airline we flew (I think it was United at the time) lost our luggage so that was fun.

@Dillon_Lewis. Almost identical on a February day in 2016 my flight from MCO to La Guardia was delayed for 7 hours a 12:00 PM takeoff was delayed all the way till 7:00 because of stormy weather in the New York City area

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7 hours on a cathay dragon flight from hong kong to shanghai due to Atc and weather i believe…

I was caught in the last southwest computer crash trying to get home from KBWI to KPHX and I spent 6 hours at the airport before calling it quits on getting a nee flight. They had to wait 3 days and 6 hours on hold with southwest to get booked on a new flight. The flight was free and we got a free flight for me, mom, and dad the next time we fly on the same flight. In the end I wasn’t really upset with southwest cause I don’t fly often and they compensated us pretty fairly IMP.

Long story short, I was delayed at KMSY for almost 10hrs because the captains chair wouldn’t lock in place. They had to fly a new one there and the plane that was supposed to leave at 6:30 Am left at 3:15 Pm. We also had a connection in KDFW for our final flight to KDEN. I finally fell asleep in the hotel at 12am CT (it was 11 in Denver). My first and probably last experience with American Airlines 😂

21 hour delay, wasn’t at the terminal/airport all time though. The delay was due to manmade smog.
The flight left at 0045 the next day instead of 0315 on the previous day.

It was QR so we got a nice hotel stay and I was alone as well, a new experience. It took 1 day off a 9 day trip. :(

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Approx. 14 Hour delay at SJO (Juan Santamaría Int. Airport, Costa Rica) to MAD. Flight was meant to leave in the afternoon. The flight the day before was cancelled and the passengers of that day flew with “our” aircraft. Iberia didn’t tell us anything about that and let us wait at the airport for 4 hours. Then, in the evening, when our flight had left with those other passengers, they finally told us to go back to the city center into a hotel. We went to sleep and at 3 O’clock they woke us up again. The flight then left at around 6.15 in the morning. That new departure was also delayed because they forgot a disabled person in the hotel…
Anyway, on long flights (I wouldn’t say on short flights either) Iberia isn’t recommendable in my opinion.

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1 and a half days, our pilot had a stroke, and it was the last flight from Sydney to Sunshine Coast for the day, so my dad and I slept on the Sydney Airport Domestic Terminal rug🤮

10 hours in Dubai. We were flying to Moscow where we lived at the time. It was an Aeroflot flight operated by one of their 777s and it was scheduled to leave at 4pm I believe. The plan was we should be in Moscow at a good enough time for me and my sister to get a decent amount of sleep and be able to go to school in the morning. It didn’t work 😂 We boarder, waited in the 777 at the gate for about an hour, then we’re gotten off the plane and told that there was a ‘mechanical issue’ with the plane and we should be able to board again in about an hour. We did. Except we stayed in the plane for about 2 hrs now before being kicked off the plane again. By now the issue was eliminated and we were technically all good to fly, but we missed the window and had to wait for the new one to open up. We got vouchers for free food in KFC and spent the next 6 hours in the terminal. Then they boarded us again and after about 30 minutes we finally pushed and took off. Everyone was miserable, the flight attendants were tired and moody, and safe to say we missed school the next day. What a great way to end an awesome vacation in Dubai. At least Aeroflot refunded our tickets.


5 hours at Dallas missed our connection to Lima, Peru because of weather delays from Vancouver to Dallas and was put on standby for 3 flights to Miami at 5, 6, and 7am. We got on the 5am flight to Miami. From Miami to Lima.

I was delayed around a week and a half back in 2012 when I was waiting to for my return flight from the Falkland Islands. The RAF Air Bridge was having major issues with the sideways snow blizzards and sheet ice, plus a mega backlog of cargo and personnel.

I challenge anyone to beat a 10 day delay 😂


8 hours in EHAM! I was flying with KLM from Munich to Cardiff via Amsterdam, and the snow in Amsterdam grounded all flights. Luckily I fly enough to have access to the Crown Lounge through FlyingBlue, which meant at least I could find a seat, crack open netflix and get into Stranger Things with free food and drink. Definitely made it a lot less painful! The only downside was that I was flying to JFK the following day and every hour they further delayed my flight, it was an hour left to pack for a month in the US.

3 Hours at My Home Airport VIJO as Air India delayed the flight