What The He k

I was flying from LHR-Vancouver today in the B747 British Airways. I was over Greenland when I got home from some erends and I check it when I get home and it was fine. I went to do some stuff and I come back to me on the ground in the middle of Greenland with 6 violations. I just touched it to see me ETA and then I left. I was safely on the ground with the throttle at 70%. It did not crash. I have no idea what happened. I was wondering if someone could reverse my Violations. My grade in IF is very important to me because I have 515 hours and fly as much as possible on the Expert server.

Any help is much appreciated!
Happy landings!

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Your violations can not be reversed unless it was because of a bug. Next time, stay closer to your device and keep track of your flight.

Wow, I actually beat Seb!

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Please Review this post below…

You cannot have your violations reversed, there are only a few way’s you can earn violations
•Taxxing over 35 knots ground speed
•Going 250 KIAS Below 10,000 Feet
•Overspeeding on the Speed Tape
•Aerobatics in a vicinity of an airport or below 10,000 Feet MSL
•Runway idle without ATC Clearance, holding in position on the runway for more than 60 seconds without any line up and wait clearances.

These are caused by the system, next time plan your flight better and choose better speeds, I am 99.9 Percent sure these violations were not a mistake by the system.
Hope this helps, 305…