What the ATIS commands mean to a pilot?

@Feurum Whoever is on the ATIS frequency ( it will be IFATC) can choose a event NOTAM when it’s being made. More info here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0n-Wc7Am-U0

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I know. I mean how we can request it for our events at active airports?

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Oh, I get you now. To be honest I don’t really know lol

Bump this up so everyone takes a look at it and hopefully understands it.


There still seems to be an overall trend of flat-out ignoring “straight out departures only.”

This means what it sounds like it means. It means if you’re departing, depart runway heading for a bit, gain some altitude, before immediately turning.

Take the example below from CYWG. I’m using 31 and 36 for takeoffs. If pilots heed the ATIS and depart straight out, I can facilitate very expeditious departures, as the runways are pointed away from each other and that should cut down on the chances of incursions.

If, however, those departing 31 insist on making an immediate rightward turn to cross 36, or those departing 36 an immediate leftward turn to cross 31, that expeditious departure now becomes a lot of wasted time waiting for aircraft on another runway to cross the path of the other.

Please use some situational awareness. Everyone loves to toss the R-word around, but no one wants to wait two milliseconds to hit NAV, or to point themselves directly to the tower of their destination.

There’s more to the R-word than how many windows a livery has.


Gonna keep bumping this until it gets through.

Straight out departures does not mean “make an immediate 90-degree left turn from 01R to cross the departure path of 01L.”

It means…wait for it…if departing, do so…straight out. I know. Confusing terminology.

I will continue to mock the (over)use of the word Realism™ here until and unless people consider adopting it for things that are flight related and not just non-flight minutiae.


I’m assuming that’s Nautical Miles?

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Yes. I normally assume anywhere on this forum when someone says miles it is Nautical Miles if their feet is off the ground.


Ok. I thought so, but wanted to double check. All this driving and direction giving has screwed up my mind.

If it’s not already, it needs to be a ghosting offense. After all, they’re not following instructions. I mean for heavens sake, folks are told what to do. If one can’t follow a simple instruction… see ya’! Enjoy the next 7 days to evaluate if you want to follow instructions or not. 👻


Feature request - Add “Failure to follow ATIS instructions” to ghosting reason. :)


Thanks for the ATIS Info. Greatly appreciated.

Very useful,thanks a lot!!

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Thank you! Read over it all.

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Want to bump this up again.Still seeing pilots making a turn inside the cone while ATIS says straight out departures only.

Change log : Updated the tutorial to add and clarify the meaning of “No light aircraft”.