What the 777 is still missing for the update....

So far I still couldn’t make out the wingtip light on the reworked 777s. Would be great if you could add this. Maybe fix the strobe lights aswell, unless you haven’t already :)

Here is the wingtip light I’m talkin about on a 787.


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Couldn’t get your point

The wingtip light on the 777s are missing.

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That’s a 787…

That’s why I’m saying it is missin on the 777 but the 787 has it. So you know what I’m talking about.

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If you guys don’t understand
All he’s saying is that the 777 should have those lights at the end of the wing like the new 787…

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The 777-300 is missing. 💔

But yet again, Wingflex is good. :)

Smarten my 777’s.

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