What tablet should I get?

I currently have a IPad mini 2 (1GB RAM) and I want at least 2 but 3 would be nice. And also the most cost effective.(I am very open to samsungs)

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Get a iPad Air 2 or higher, iPad minis are alright but I find them not as good compared to the equivalent 10 invulnerable iPad. Most users have iPads I believe


Just know that purchases don’t transfer from iOS to Google. Being open to Samsung is great so long as you haven’t spent a small fortune on aircraft and regions in the iOS store. iPad Mini is a bust in my opinion, I have the 2 and it’s useless to me regarding IF.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, I have one and Infinite Flight works great on it. It is also not too expensive.

I pad air 2 works the best

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iPad Pro is da bomb


iPad mini 2 is awesome :p

Get the 3-4 imo

iPad Pro, absolutely - 100%

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Ipad pro 9.7 for smooth graphics with max settings. I have an ipad Air but it will occasionally crash if set to max settings especially when you are near KLAX at training server.

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iPad Air 2/Pro if you still want iOS

But I heard the nvidia shield K1 for Android is great too

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Well, iPad Pro and iPad Air are amazing, but if you do not want spend a lot of money I suggest you to buy an iPad mini 4, it’s very very nice!


The iPad pro


The iPad Pro is THE DEAL for Infinite Flight!


I suggest the Air 2. Runs IF on all top graphics, its great. Also runs other games and sims great.

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Get a laptop and emulate android (or ios) if you want lol

IF is a mobile game. Emulating won’t work great.

Ipad air 2 is what i have. Runs smooth. Go higher is affordable.

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Thats why theres controllers ie Logitech joystick

Yes, but IF is designed as a mobile first sim…

Also its easy with blue stacks