What speed should I land the A318 full flaps?

Not sure what the speed I should land at?

I land around 130-140 knots Airspeed

don’t use trim

never will use trim


At normal weight, 129kts with full flaps and 22% of trim. That should be your landing speed.

What about searching with Google?

Stall Speed (Vso) 112 KIAS
Landing Speed (VRef):
Weight VRef
110,000 lbs. 118 KIAS
120,000 lbs. 124 KIAS
130,000 lbs. 129 KIAS
140,000 lbs. 134 KIAS
150,000 lbs. 138 KIAS
160,000 lbs. 143 KIAS


Haha you are right

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you should though wont force you though but dont tell others not to when its the proper way to do something

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I land at 135-140kts airspeed

I land at 120 to 130…

for my small aircraft I land at about 140-145 knots, medium aircraft 146-150 knots and large is 155 knots

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