What speed do I take off? 777-300ER

No. 175 knots is your V1 speed. The next two are Vr (Rotate) and V2 speeds.

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I usually take off a wide body aircraft at 180 knots & a narrow body at 150 knot mostly it depends on the waitage of the aircraft ☺

Even those standards are incorrect for most cases. For instance, Vr for a lightweight 747-400 is about 160 and the speed at which the bird becomes airborne is about 173. You should probably start looking up the different takeoff and landing speeds for different aircrafts and make a reference sheet of sorts for yourself.

Or use this:

Take off is at 155/160Knts depending on the weight of ur plane

This does depend on weight ;) | My V1 is around 145-150 knots and Rotate is generally 155 knots. Like I said, weight is key part here. If it’s light it could be less or if it’s heavier, a rather long departure will take Place :)

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I use 180-190 knots at just below MTOW. Is that unrealistic? I have trouble with making a takeoff without the tail touching the runway at 170 or lower.

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