What speed do I take off? 777-300ER

Quick question, at what speed do I take off at on a 777-300ER?


150knts @Rotate would this be correct?

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I usually take off at 180knts, is that too late?

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Does it lift off straight away?

Yeah. It does.

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Watch some 77W’s taking off on YouTube, it will show the 777 lift off gradually. Lift off at 150knts and it will look more realistic :)


170 - 175 knots is great.

Thank you! Will take off at 150knts from now on :D

I thought so too, but I’ll go with what Henry is saying.

The 77W is underwinged, Vr at over 180 for hot airports are common. A good sport would be 170-185 knots depending on weight and flap setting.


Interesting, is there a way to check temperature on Live?

5 degrees flaps is about 170, 15 is about 150-160knts


It depends on weight as well, rotating at 170 at MTOW and flaps 5 won’t get me far.

Yeah, that is a factor.

I usually rotate at 145KTS.
Flaps 15, Trim 15-20% and thrust 85%


Weight & Balance Aeroflot configuration flight from Moscow (UUEE) to LA (KLAX):
402 passengers
Fuel about 100000 kg
baggage 25 kg from every pass
flaps 20 degrees speed 170-180 5 degrees takeoff

Haha, can’t believe people woukld still comment!

Anyway, I’ve got it, I know how to fly almost all planes on IF now :)

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Meh. 165ish

Found these, it’s great if you use IF assistant, just remember to adjust weight /speeds accordingly to get your V1 V2 and VR correct.
I use 5 flaps, not 15 and it works great.
Yes it’s an old post to be bumped but it never got answered unless you want ‘ish’ speeds…
Hope it’s useful for 777 lovers.


If I’m reading this right, takeoff speed for a 777-200ER at 380 tonnes would be 175 knots?