What speed do I set?

Hello everybady, when ATC says that I need to mantein a specific speed ,can I change this speed in anither time,for example in approach when I see that the speed that controller gives me is too hight or I need to maintein this speed until ATC gives me an another speed?

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Yes, follow controller instructions whenever possible, including speeds!

The controller will say speed at your discretion whenever and then you may change your speed to anything

So if for example In approach ATC says that I need to maintein a speed of 220 kn but when I arrive at a small distance from the runway ex 18 miles and ATC don’t give me an another speed I can’t change this speed also If at this example distance I need to reduce mi speed?

Correct. You have to stay at 220 until ATC gives you another speed, or speed at your discretion as @BenjiTheBull said

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The answers above are incorrect in this case:

Once you are given an approach clearance, speed is at your discretion. The approach clearance discontinues the speed, altitude and beading vectors given beforehand.

However, until you’re cleared for the approach, you must follow all vectors by ATC. This includes speed. Unless you are given speed at your discretion or an approach clearance, you must follow the speed instructions.


If a controller advice you to maintain a certain speed that for some reason fall below the required speed to safely operate the aircraft you can respond with: unable. For example: 180kts at or above 100fl (which is highly unrealistic). sometimes, if the airspace is to congested, some controllers will try to maintain their line at all costs without bringing a plane down to a suitable flightlevel. However this is rare and often by mistake.

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