What speed/ Altitude to put landing gear down for A320/A350

What speed/ Altitude should I put the landing gear down for A320/A350? What about other planes in general?

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Heavier aircraft tend to drop the gear later than narrowbody. I generally drop it 7-8 nm from the runway in heavies and 5-6 nm with narrowbodies. However, if you’re too fast, you could drop it earlier.

yep thats what I thought thank you is there a specific altitude or speed though

You shouldn’t be exceeding 190kts
And the altitude varies from different airports.
So as @Altaria55 mentioned 5-8NM away from the airfield.

Cause some airports have steeper approaches, you cannot say what altitude you should be dropping the gear.

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Not 200kts and ~15nm out

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I do it a few miles to the end of the localizer at 180 kts

Usually, it seems like they tend to do it at about 1000 to 1500ft AGL, so that should generally be your target. Speed should be approach speed, 135-155kts, flaps 30/Full.

For a standard approach, it would be 5 DME from the chosen runway. For non-standard approach, the best time for lowering the gear is when stabilised, which may vary from approach to approach.

From my knowledge it is pretty irrelevant what aircraft you’re in, generally though, 2500FT AGL is when most aircraft do it according to most real world pilots I’ve heard from. However it mostly depends on your approach ‘energy’; you’re not going to extend the landing gear at 2500FT if you’re slowing down very easily, instead you may opt for 2000FT as you’ll be saving fuel.

On the other hand if you’re experiencing gusty conditions and are struggling to establish your self on your landing speed, you may opt to lower your landing gear slightly higher than 2500FT. Bare in mind though, lowering your landing gear isn’t to slow down, it’s to stabilise your approach energy.

It’s unlikely though that airliners will be extending their landing gear around the 1000FT mark as that puts them VERY close to an unstabilised approach criteria, unless they’re flying a high energy approach.


From a Jetstar pilot flying the A320, it’s usually around 1800ft AGL for the A320 family, so I use that for flying in Infinite Flight. For heavier aircraft such as the A350, it is around 2500FT as per what @Loadhaul mentioned, although this varies with weather and the stability of the approach.

As for speed, I’d suggest being around 10kts above your final approach speed, as lowering the gear increases drag and helps slow down the aircraft.

Happy landings! Hope this helps :)


I normally drop it at 7 miles or at 2,000ft AGL at around 165 knots IAS

My grandpa was a pilot of an A310 and the 707,
and he always said that he lets the gear down at about 1500 ft

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ok cool for what airline?

ya watching cockpit flims they usally put gear down at around 1,500 feet

but i think it also 5nm-8nm and all of the other factors listed above

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