What Special Liveries Have You Flown on?

For example, I have been on the Alaska Airlines/Virgin America more to love livery, and my mom and sister have been on Alaska’s Veterans Livery

I know that there were a few other topics like this, but they are all old.

I flew on Southwest’s Shamu livery a while back. It was pretty cool.



so sad…

Well, I mean if it isn’t their main livery, I guess so.

Got the chance to take Alaska Airlines’ Spirit of Disneyland from Seattle to Fairbanks last June. N318AS

In November of 2016 I flew one of the old American chrome (polished aluminum) 737’s. Only one of those exists now.

I got to fly on the Hainan Airlines Boeing 787-9 Kung Fu Panda Livery (B-1540) twice from Seattle KSEA to Shanghai Pudong ZSPD and back:

I also got to fly on the China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 (B-5475) Welcome to Enish Liverey from Wuhan Taihe ZHHH to Shenzhen Bao’An ZGSZ:

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Mendoowoorrji 737-800 from Qantas

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I’ve flown on the CX 744 and 77W Asias world city, also flown on the oneworld CX

Don’t know if this counts, but I flew on one of Southwests 737’s with split schmiltars. (Old Livery)



I also flew on this.

I have flown on Qantas’ Retro Roo before!

I’ve flown on the 75 Qantas 737-800 operated by Jetconnect. (ZK-ZQA)
It isn’t really as much as a special livery than it is just a plane with more words to show the importance of it to Qantas lol.

For me, that’s a great question, as I only ever fly KLM.
It’s just a thing I do. I’m Dutch you see…

On the Dash-8 I fly the beautiful LuxAir livery, and on the 738 I fly the old Transavia (also ?Dutch) livery.

This is with IF.

In real life, the most special livery was Air Kenya, on my special vacation there.

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SAS retro livery on an A319. Paris to Copenhagen!

none other that star alliance and oneworld livery planes. sad life

Asia world city(77W B-KPF)
Oneworld(77W B-KPL)
Spirit of Hong kong(77W B-KPB)

Cathay Dragon:
Both the gold and rainbow dragon

777 White star alliance livery

More to love


Air New Zealand:
All blacks(787)


Flew on this beauty about a month ago

AirTran: Atlanta Falcons 717 (ATL-CLT) Harry Potter 717 (CLT-ATL)
JetBlue: I heart NY A320(JFK-LAS)
American: PSA A319 (CLT-PIT)
US Airways: Star Allaince A319 (CLT-PIT)

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I think I saw that one recently at Fairbanks. Great airport, I got from curb to gate in 15 mins, no pre-check.

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