What should you do to pass the Practical Test?

As you have already known, the test for ATC’s have been started again in full force (if you haven’t already, check this page)

This might be the ultimate guide for passing the Practical Test :)

What we (as testers and recruiters) expect in your practical test.

  1. Ground Awareness
    • Don’t make us collide with other users on the ground.
  • Not making us pushback into other users.
  • Check a full fledged video here
  • Sequencing
    • The god/most important stuff we expect from you.
    • Deep and Brief and Video Tutorials.
  • Correct clearances
  • Clear us to Land for a Landing.
  • Option for Touch and Go, Low pass, Inverted Pass, etc.
  • No Over controlling
  • Calling our bases when we are already sequenced.
  • Extending Downwind when we are already sequenced.
  • Sending a Give Way when other aircraft is a mile away.
  • Expedition of Traffic
  • When the previous aircraft is in the air, you can clear the next in line for take-off.
  • Check this video for knowledge about spacing between departures.
  • Timely commands
  • Sequencing us in Upwind/Crosswind.
  • Clearing in Downwind/Base, not on Short Final.
  • Not waiting for the tester to report downwind.
  • Some other(s)
  • Not giving a Pattern Entry Instruction when the aircraft is already in the pattern.
  • Giving a Pattern Entry Instruction followed by a Sequence when the aircraft is changing runway/inbound.
  • Giving a proper Transition Altitude if asked, Check this out to know the correct altitude(s) for your test airport…

Thanks for reading and Happy Ops! All the best for your test! :) ;)

If you have understood this well, make sure your test is like this!


Aircraft A is on a 6 mile final. Aircraft B is on left downwind, about to turn base. He is sequenced number 2. The 2 planes will collide IF B makes his base turn now.

No Extend Downwind eg it is the pilots responsibility to maintain separation?

“Please follow Instructions”
“Please check Help Pages for Assistance using ATC Instructions”

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Forgot one thing, correct repsonses for runway changes requests.

@Zaid_Ammar1 I have it covered.

And it is just a tutorial of what we expect ;)

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Tag the correct person

Got it, Thanks! @dush19

@dush19 take that as a no then?

We testers know what to do, we wont do that ;)


that is what sequencing is for my friend. ATC does not have time to issue speed seperations.

Great Tutorial Mr Dush, this is regarded as excellent for amateurs who would love to be advanced Air Traffic Controllers, and join the phenomenal team. I say its absolutely marvellous. And I take off my Top hat saying “Bravo Sir, Bravo! An award is needed for your time and effort” :-)

Thanks Captain DJ! Appreciated! :)

Not a tester / recruiter but aircraft B is responsible for maintaining a safe distance as he is #2.

The extend downwind would, my opinion, mostly be used if you want to get extra spacing to let an airplane depart.


So basically, I would only use it in that situation if I wanted space for a departure>

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Yes sir, probably when you are taking the test it will be the easiest controlling you will do as all those guys know how to fly in a “busy” pattern.

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I am not going to try out for advanced controlling yet.I am too young and it is too complicated :)

I just updated the Original Post with more stuff, make sure you check it out!

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