What should my throttle % be when in flight for A321

As the question says. I’m currently using 70-80% throttle. Is this right? Let me know, down below👇!

(This is for when I’m in flight. Not takeoff or landing or approach! Thanks guys!)

Thanks guys!😄

This is not youtube lol. Jk.

Anyways, this depends on which aircraft you’re flying, what the winds are and much more.


Don’t you use autopilot?

I do. But I just want to know anyways!

Winds are usually down 0-8kts. And this is for any aircraft in general. So basically in general what should the % be? Thanks

There isn’t any general, it depends on which aircraft you are flying, C172 will be different from the A330 for example.

A321 then. I use that plane a lot

Test it out by setting an appropriate cruise speed at cruising altitude and using autothrottle to see how much thrust the A321 uses to maintain speed at 0fpm

What is an appropriate cruise speed. 300kts?

Depends your height. At 36,000 I go 400 - 450 knots.
At 15,000 I go 300 - 330.

Anything below the aircraft’s limitation. I do not fly the A321 often so the max speed is unknown to me. It also depends on your altitude. The higher you are the slower your AS will be. Try 280kts at 20,000ft MSL.

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This should also be under general as it’s not an issue with the app.

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Isn’t 400-450 too fast. Coz the over speed warning would go crazy!


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Are you talking about GS?

I assume he means ground speed. At high altitudes ground speed is usually 100+ knots higher than airspeed.


Depends on many things
Wind, altitude, VS and …
I asked these actually from an Iran Aseman Airlines A320 pilot

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