What % should my throttle be at when landing

I want it to be realistic

It should never be standing at the same throttle during landing

move it around, tweak it

What does thats mean

You should try and keep it so your airspeed stays around the same along with the descent rate stays the same about 700-800 ft per min. It’s also aircraft dependent on which one you are flying

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Sometimes, if you keep your throttle at one position, your plane will stall

I move it around to keep it at one speed, I will increase it if I’m defending too fast or decrease if I’m too high



I defend at 1200-1500 a minute 😂


@leQuestions I feel sorry for your passengers… 😉


What ???😕😕

Every aircraft is totally different.

If you’re flying a commercial airliner, in IF, a good easy general rule is to keep your pitch (nose up) about 3 degrees. Use your HUD for this. Then adjust the throttle to maintain a steady rate of descent of between 700fpm and 800fpm. Remember, pitch controls your speed, and throttle controls your rate of descent in this configuration. You need to find the ‘sweet spot’ and learn each aircraft.

Some examples, the B717 with about 3 degrees pitch, 32% throttle should hold about 142 knots for your approach at 700fpm at 30 degrees flaps.

The B737 with about 3 degrees pitch, 60% throttle should hold about 138knots for your approach at 700fpm with 30 degrees flaps.

Avoid coming in with your nose pointed down. This is caused by a way too high indicated Airspeed. slow and steady, and have the aircraft completely configured for landing by 1000feet AGL


I to feel sorry for your passengers

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A better question would be what speed

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1200-1500 a min for landing?? that’s a crash! you should aim to touch down around the 500-700fpm mark. As others said its all about getting the speed right, for the right flap settings for the different aircraft


Indeed. And just to add, for a stable approach you shouldn’t really be (or need to be) descending at over 1000fpm at any stage once established on the ILS.

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Ahh approach is 700fpm, touching down at 500-700fpm will cause you some serious dramas and put your landing gear struts straight through the bottom of your fuselage!

That’s what the ‘flare’ is for!!


thanks, that is a better way of putting it! aim for that figure …before the flare!

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I Land with -100 - -300 before touchdown, is that good?

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I normally touch down with 100-200fpm, 400fpm at most if im a little high XD

@MJames knows his stuff!

Keep the aircraft approximately level. Adjust power to maintain about -700 fpm down the glideslope. Around 30ft AGL, bring throttles to idle and flare. This varies a bit by aircraft.


This may help…

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Throttle to idle when landing (0%)… Disturbing people your trying to stop a plane but you have throttle on! what is wrong with you please tell me none of you are pilots…