What should my next tutorial be about?

So, my last tutotial (How to hold short correct) was quite popular, what should tell about in next tutorial?
Feel free to come with suggestions you want me to cover :)

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Well i kinda need ideas you know ;)

How to properly land a fighter? (Can’t think of anything myself xD)

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Find a problem you see people doing and explain how to do it correctly

usually just see what happens on ground, and thats mainly not holding shirt correct

Maybe ATC instructions and sequencing. Set up some scenarios with another pilot you have contact with while your acting as ATC so you can set up different pattern scenarios etc. Running commentary could explain the instructions sent and the distance you’ve left between flights. I think this would help a lot of players wishing to gain ATC knowledge

Just an idea, your last tutorial was great btw :)

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Fair point, I just read that we should suggest any problems we see a lot lately and this seems to be an issue on the playground server, and was a hot topic on the forums a few weeks back

How to parking properly maybe?

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How about correct (approximate) airspeeds to maintain when descending ? Am fed up with people who head towards an airport at 11000 ft and 650 kts, and then wonder why they struggle to fit into the pattern of others who are going at a normal speed.

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How about a tutorial for the correct flap deployment speeds for some IF planes. I´ve noted that IRL speeds don´t match with in-game speeds.

Found this… do not know for what weights tho

A controller menu breakdown would be helpful in my opinion. I haven’t seen that yet… The controller interface can be overwhelming at first, and finding what you want to say isn’t always obvious.


Only for the A321 and, as you said, weight is not specified. I made some guides for the 737-700, 737-800, 747-400, 717-200 and A380-800 flap speeds, maybe when I finish polishing them I´ll post them here.

I did not mean it it in a way that tells you"Do not make a tutorial" Just an interesting fact

I don´t get you, why can´t I make a tutorial?

Sorry read my edited post made a mistake in typing

Where did you make a mistake? Sorry but I can´t find it.

I forgot to put the word “not” between “did” and “mean”