What should my next flight be?

Hi everyone, this is my first time trying to set up a poll, so feedback is greatly appreciated.
I am trying to decide what my next flight should be. I came up with these options, but I am split between them. Here they are:

  • KMIA-EGLL (American)
  • PHNL-RJTT (United)

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Like I said, constructive feedback is appreciated, so feel free to share how I can improve my polls.


Anything in/out of Hawaii is very pretty scenery, and Japan is the best! @Thunderbolt


Vancouver, any departure to the East is pretty good.

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I really like when I flew from Tahiti to Perth over Antartica in a private MD-11. You could also do it on the 747-SOFIA or Qantas 747/787.

I think I might actually choose PHNL-RJTT. It makes sense, as I am already flying to PHNL, and then I can just reprogram my flight plan. Thanks for the help everyone! BTW, Does anyone have any feedback on the poll? Anything I can do better or add? Let me know!

A poll is a poll. No problems with it.

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No, I know, but because this was my first time doing one, I want to make sure that there were no problems with formatting or anything else like that.

As long as it has a meaning behind it, you’re all good.

Great! Thanks for participating, everyone!

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