What should I use?

I’m going to do a flight from Orlando to L.A. What airline/aircraft should I use? I always have to ask the community first!!

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UA 757 would be good!


Ok that’s what I was most likely going to use! Thank you for helping out.

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American a321
Delta 737-900ng
United 737-800 new livery

Does United still fly the 757 irl?

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Today, the following aircraft flew from MCO-LAX.

United 737-800
Delta 737-900
jetBlue A320
American A321
Kalitta 747-400 (not in IF)

Yeah. its popular on the SFO-EWR route

Yes, they still have 61 in service between the -200 and -300 variants

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Use a Cessna Caravan!

Lol I’ll try!

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