What should I use?

Hello all.

This is a question about Unicom and live. I didn’t know if this belonged in #live or #atc.

So, let’s see the question.
When I am on Unicom, and another aircraft has landed, and is in the process of exiting the runway, and it is safe for me to line up and wait, what should I use to state this on Unicom?
I have always used ‘crossing runway xx’.
This is the same for backtaxing, what do I substitute that for on a Unicom?

Announce departure before lining up


Before back taxiing to takeoff, you would announce taking off.

I announce takeoff once the runway is clear (if I am the only one lining up). Not sure wether that’s right though.

In a non towered or uncontrolled field, do not enter the runway until you have announced your intent to takeoff and you have verified that final and down the runway are clear. Positioning yourself on the runway and then holding there without ATC watching over your back is a dangerous place to be.

With the limited options we have on CTAF, announce takeoff for whichever runway you’ll be departing from before entering the runway, weather you need to back taxi first or not.


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