What should I say to approach?

Yesterday I was inbound to LPPT (Expert) and after my 1hour approach I finally got into the ILS cone but then tower told me to make a right 360 for spacing, ok I did that, then they told me to contact approach, I did that. What would be the next thing I should’ve done?

I would announce to the approach controller a “Missed approach”. I’m not to sure why tower would give you a 360 on final but should have given you a go around.


Yeah, that’s what I would have done

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Follow their instructions and then PM the controller later just to understand his/her reasoning!


He gave me a right 360 as there was a 747 on final too

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but was he behind or in front?

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There were 2 approach frequencies at the airport and for some reason they were making me jump back and forth between those 2 freqs.

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ok then he should a go around cause if he was behind doing a 360 would probably give you a bigger chance on crashing into him

You may have crossed the south/north or east/west line so they wanted you to contact the frequency in charge of that area!
rather than trying to figure it out PM the controller

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that is so strange!!

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Yea, that felt weird.

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Don’t know who it was.

annoying!! is there a way to find out?

What time was this? If it was yesterday I have no way of finding out!

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It was 19Z

Yep, yday, anyways thanks!


At 1900z your tower controller was @Jan_Sd, but at 1915z there was a controller change with @alberto_lopez!

Short them a PM, they will explain to you the situation better than us for sure!


Thanks! Can you tell me how you found out?

@Hardlanding_Hussain We use a communication tool called Slack, which is where all of our communication goes on whilst were controlling.