What should I request ATC when wanting to back-taxi down the runway?

So I was taxiing to runway 17 at Porto and at Porto you have to back taxi the runway. So I get to the threshold and assume I request departure. So I did and ATC then replies with check ATIS. So I did and everything seemed fine. So I tried again multiple times assuming the controller made a mistake but again, I was met with “check ATIS” or “please follow instructions” then I was then forced to end the flight so that this controller wouldn’t report me. I then went to see what the plane behind me did and he had the same problem with the controller threatening to report him. Was I doing something wrong or was the ATC at fault?


What did ATIS say?

Best way contact the controller direct

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It’s in the 2nd picture 19:59:25

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Had the same problem 15mins ago

Judging from this I think you’re in the right here, but best to just have the controller explain themselves.


Thank you for the response :) how would I contact him directly?

I believe @DavBarsco is your controller. Just open up a PM with them

Okay 👍 thanks very much

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Hey Avicam, you can find your controller when you open the communication window and in the right lower corner you can find a tab which say “states”. Push it and you’ll see your controller.

On the other hand I think it would be nice when there is a question or situation like this, the controller in question could give the correct answer in these toppics so people could learn from it.

In this case I do not have a clue what the pilot in question did wrong…


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Just to let everyone know, I have reached out to the controller and he has let me know that he wouldn’t allow me to depart because of a bug in the game that showed to him that I hadn’t seen ATIS

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I was in this airport at the time , it seemed to be happening to a few pilots

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Thank you so much Stef!
I have reached out to the controller and he has clarified that there was a bug that wouldn’t allow him to see that I had seen ATIS therefore he was unable to give clearance

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As you can see from the screenshot, there’s an IF bug in the chat history there.

He checked ATIS, but when he requested departure, it did not say with information ALPHA

From my perspective, I had no clue he’d actually checked the ATIS, hence the request to check in.

He did nothing wrong, so it’s very frustrating for both of us that this happened.


Thanks for your reply DavBarsco, this is the first time I hear about it!👌

First time for me too! It’s very frustrating as a controller when stuff like this happens

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  1. Being number 1 for departure can stop the traffic flow.

  2. Controller may not respond when being contacted.

  3. Can lead to a report for not being aware of the traffic movement.

What I would recommend is the following: 👇🏽

When issuing a pilot their takeoff clearance or “line up and wait,” that automatically gives the pilot permission to back taxi if needed.

Im controling ksfo on TS Its 22021g30kt if any one up for a challenge lol

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You will never see the ATIS letter in the departure call. That’s just not a thing, and it never has been.

Not necessarily a correct usage of PFIR. D-ATIS exists for a reason; pilots shouldn’t be (and are not) required to tune to the physical ATIS frequency.