What should I look for?

Ok I’m flying into Tokyo Narita,does anyone now anything that I should look out for that is pretty interesting or cool cuz I’m documenting it. Thanks

The Narita Express Train is something i found cool to see. It goes back and forth between the city and Narita Airport very often. You should be able to spot it with no difficulties.

There’s an observation deck on Terminal 1 and 2 where you can do tons of plane spotting.

Eat you can! Top of the line cuisine and very yummy sweets 🤤

Oh yea the restrooms are worth visiting for a reason besides the usual ones 😝

Btw are you asking if there anything cool to do only at the airport or in Tokyo in general?
I’d say Haneda Airport offers more variety of things to do.

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No just on approach. But I’m flying Qantas and I’m not trying to brag but I’m in business hehehe👍

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Helll yeeeaaa

Well there isn’t much to see on APP at Narita that i know of. If it were Haneda or Kansai, I’d have a list of things but Narita is quite plain and boring… just my opinion.

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Thanks a lot for all the stuff I will definitely have to do some plane spotting.

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If you’re staying at Japan for a longer period of time then I’d suggest to take the N’EX to HND which is approximately 1h away from NRT and there a couple of more things you can do over there at Haneda such plane spotting those airliners that doesn’t fly to NRT, there’s a flights sim and racing track with toy cars you can play.

But both Airports has a tax-free shop where you can plane models.

That’s all, i hope you have nice and safe flight :)

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Do a trip report… please… i want to see qf’s business class…

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Sure that’s what I plan to do.

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