What should I invest in? POLL!

Hey everybody,
I still have a bit of money left on my giftcard and it’s enough for 1 more region or plane.
I decided to rather spend it for a region as I have all of the planes I wanted to have already.
What region of these do you think is the best? :)
I’m mainly interested in New York and Seattle, but just vote :)

  • Hawaii
  • Paris
  • New York
  • Seattle
  • South Florida

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Just giving you a reason: on IF live (don’t know I whether you have a subscription - if not ignore this comment) the regions NY and Seattle are always empty - never saw anyone on there yet. Hawaii is used once in a while though.

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oh ok, thanks for the info!

If you’re gonna be flying in live, Paris is a complete ghost town, the others aren’t used much, Hawaii has occasional use.

Hawaii is a beauty! It’s got a good mix of big and small airports, and although it’s not a hotspot like Southern California, it does get some good live traffic from time to time.


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Hawaii 100%, especially if you want to fly on the advanced server.


Have you bought it yet? Share it with us. We helped you choose. You bought New York? What!!!


Hawaii is the Advanced ATC’s favorite region.


Not THE, but its in the top 4 for sure.

Of course, it’s a very well put together region with everything being very realistic 😉

Not saying that this is the region many advanced ATC prefer, I love it.

FNF should take place in CDG or JFK sometime

Normally I would say that you should buy a plane, because with a plane, you can fly in the region you wants. Nothing depends on something.

And with a region, you have to fly in this region and have to accept it when the region is empty.

And this is a point which other users before me wrote in the comments.
It’s the side of infinite flight which I don’t like. I bought London and Hawaii, 2 nice regions, but sadly empty.

Well but you decide, I can recommend Hawaii because of the big area and the long route you can fly.

I have over 300 Live hours in Seattle and at least as many more in Solo. It is a huge region with over 200 airports and offers everything all the other regions offer in one region. And I am still discovering new things.
I am absolutely mystified why it isn’t the most popular paid region??


i am equally as confused too. So-cal is a boring region after a bit. London, CDG, and Hawaii are the best. never flew in Seattle but have live+ so i maybe will soon

I totally agree with you. SoCal is very Boeing after a few hours of flight time - the only interesting things are airports in mountainous regions like KPSP. Although you can get this in the Denver region at Aspen even better


Personally I am not a big fan of Paris and New York region as all the major airports are next to eachother :( not like Hawaii where you can simulate a real flight!


Thanks for all the comments and votes!
I will purchase the Hawaii region then.
I’m a total newbie to IF live, but I have over 150 flight hours on Solo and I only have to collect a few more XP and experiences with live before I start with the Advanced Stuff ;)
But thanks for your opinions! :)


I have like almost all the passenger aircrafts, except for the 739, the 748 and 1 or 2 more I can’t remember atm.
It’s been a very long time since I last purchased a region and I was just looking for a new experience, that’s why I decided to rather buy a new region. But I get your point ;)

just gonna wait for christmas and live+ will be mine >:D