What should I have done?

Hello IFC. Yesterday I was flying to EGLL on training service. (I got grade 2 ) and when I was about 30nm to EGLL the approach controller gave me heading 010. I did as he/she said and I was getting further away from EGLL. 40,50,60,70,80,90 and then 100nm away from EGLL. I checked in every so often but he/she never told me to change. My trip was only 110nm so I nearly went the whole tryp back. The controllers changed and I set a flight plan goeing back to hethrow. The other controller told me to continue on course and thats how I finally landed. Because I am new to ATC I did not know what i should have did. Should I have turned back a long time ago or keep on heading 010. Thanks👍🏻

@Luke_King-kong im sorry to say it but it was a TROLL not an atc worth making a topic about!

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how did you get 100nm from egll? iirc that’s outside approach airspace.
Just turn back.
And btw this is TS so there will be trolls. The ATCs can’t enforce anything. The violations you can get are all things exceeding limits:
260 under 10000
35 on taxiway
Holding on an active runway


You should have turned back. The approach controller on TS would have been practising so it’s okay if he made mistakes.

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Maybe not a troll but definitely inexperienced


im telling u bro some thing similar happen to me a few weeks back when I did a flight for my VA too KLAS the controller gave me a vector away from the airport then left then another came and gave me a terrible alt lucky I landed safely and ignored the trolls I feel bad for @Luke_King-kong on this one

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Welcome to the training server! Like you the ATC was probably new to controlling and so was not fully aware of how it all works.

On the TS I give the ATC the benefit of the doubt, some are really good, training to become IFATC etc, whilst others its their first time. Often first time controllers go straight to JFK, LAX or LHR and get overwhelmed!

If the ATC gives you instructions then give them the benefit of the doubt, however if they are giving you odd instructions then consider starting a fresh approach or even diverting to a different airport.


There’s not enough information here. Did the heading they gave you get you to a localizer intercept, or at least to the cone? I’ve given pilots their final intercept, they flew it, but then they kept flying past it without turning to get established 🤔.

Or did they give you that heading that lead you to nowhere? They were probably inexperienced or trolling if this was the case.

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The heading lead to the sea

As @David_Lockwood mentioned, the trick on Training Server is that you don’t know the level of expertise of the controller, or it may even be a troll who likes to spoil fun for serious players.

Try to follow instructions as much as you can, until it gets crazy and when it’s clear this controller has no idea what he’s doing. If this happens, send ‘I’m sorry’ and do your own thing. If the controller keeps spamming with ridiculous instructions, tune out.


Thanks everyone.

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