What Should I Have Done

I recently spawned at a controlled airport on the expert server in a c130. As far as I’m aware the c130 lacks any pushback functionality. I initially requested pushback having forgotten this and quickly sent a “correction stand by” message. The interaction then went something like this (I neglected to take screenshots):

Me: requesting taxi
ATC: pushback approved
Me: Stand by, requesting taxi
ATC: pushback approved
I then attempt to manually turn the aircraft 180 using thrust
ATC: wait for clearance before taxiing
Me: request taxi
ATC: check tutorials

I exited the flight shortly afterwards not wanting to incur a ghosting. Did I handle this situation correctly? Apologies for the long post.

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This does not have a follow up in the ATC topic so please follow this up with a Moderator.

Just out of curiosity, do you have the name of the controller at the time?

It’s not the problem of who was controlling at the time it was the deal with how he was hearing the request.

Yes, but I’m saying that you can contact the controller to discuss it with them as well.

It seems like just a small mistake from the controller. :)

This is why we need full replays in live servers.

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You did the right thing, controller was wrong to give you a pushback clearance based on what you’ve said.
The controller per the rules was not allowed to ghost you except if you are recklessly taxiing through others or on the terminal/grass.

Can we please know in which airport and at which time it happened so the controller can be notified of his mistake.

Also I want to add that everyone is learning (we can never stop learning new things when flying) so mistakes can happen even on Expert but a mistake is only truly a mistake if no one learn from it!


It was a few hours ago at LGAV, the controller was IFACT George.

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I was there. I’ll PM you shortly


Thanks very much, the topic can be closed now :)