What should I have done?

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I was doing a typical flight on the training server in SFO yesterday. I desired to do a short flight to a nearby regional airport in an SR220. ATC cleared me to take off in a GREEN runway. Once I accelerated down the runway I was aware of the LIGHT winds and once I rotated my plane drifted and violently ran off the runway. This isn’t the first time winds have distorted my takeoff as it has happened to me before on bigger planes (and I must say that it’s incredibly annoying). It was a great embarrassment to my self and I decided to leave. I do not wish that this unfortunate incident happens to me again thus I would like to ask the kind IFC to help my with this. So how could I have avoided that and how can I avoid it on the future?

Did you use the rudder at any point?

I tried but it was of little effectivness and I do believe that it even caused my plane to drift and spiral down it of control.

Use your rudder to straighten up. If you don’t your plan will go left or right and wing strike. Even a slight 3 knot wind can make planes go left or right. When using your rudder make slight adjustments and don’t be just go one way or the other suddenly and drastically.

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Planes go nose into the wind (if it’s a headwind) so make small adjustments on the rudder to keep you on the centre line. Too much rudder will send you in a spiral.

What speed did you rotate at? If you let it pick up too much speed and then try using the rudder it won’t be as effective especially as the rudder becomes less reactive as you get faster.

The SR22 is known for being tricky. I’ve seen a lot of people go completely bananas over it’s crosswinds behavior. Practice, practice, practice!

Rudder and ailerons is your friend.


A combination of good rudder control, right rotation speed and angle, and power would solve your problem

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I rotated at the appropriate speed for a half loaded cirrus.

Yeah, I always seem to have trouble with it, almost as much as the spit in a crosswind.

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Have you tried using into wind aileron?

I have no knowledge of this…may you please teach me in its ways?

Steer into the wind, basically.

From the wind, not into it.
Reason is because it’s the wind hitting your tail that gets you off course.


Not wanting to contradict or anything but I was flying into a headwind

Maybe rotate at a slower speed?

It always works for me.

But like the members above stated, make use of the rudder and ailerons

Headwind? Oh… I’ve never had problems there. She’s tricky with sidewinds but…

Does this mean I’m a bad pilot :(

Try to reproduce it on Solo, and record. Maybe that can help us figure out what’s going on.

I’ll try to recreate the winds and do a video once I do that I will post it on this post.

I find having my finger on the rudder before rotation helps tremendously. Just just keep rudder centered and as you start to rotate and feel the effects of the crosswind very gently correct for any movement off center line. If you wait to engage the rudder after you start to drift you’ll likely overcorrect and slide or spin.

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