What should I have done (For the second time)

I was just in the makings of doing a flight from KLAX to KBUR and this occurrence happened. KLAX ground was active and I pushed back out of my gate. I requested taki to 24L and tower cleared me to taxi to runway 06L (A red runway). I was obedient and I followed Grounds instructions. I was then holding short of runway 06L not knowing how on earth I was going to be able to taxi to 24L. All of a sudden, Gorund left and I was left with the unicom. After some time, I decided to say I was taxiing to runway 24L but the only way was by going through the runway and exiting through the nearest exit. I took the risk and I did that procedure. Tower told me I was in an active airport and I had to switch frequency. I was then told to switch to ground and I did. I was so confused and embarassed that I ultimately left the server. What should I have done to avoid this occurrence?

If this was Training, then stuff like this will always happen

And @Avgeekproductions this won’t happen on Expert ever


Daniel is right; It’s just the Training Server. No big deal :)

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And what if it was on expert? It was on TS1 but what if it happened on Expert?

You can use a red runway you know. Nothing wrong, it’s all dependent on the winds. Taking off from a runway the traffic isn’t using is an issue though.

The Training Server has its flaws 🤷🏻‍♂️

We can’t beat something to death when the party’s involved either aren’t on IFC or they are learning so they make mistakes too…