What should I get?

Again! Sorry if this is annoying, but I really need to know and I am stuck.

  • Live
  • Dash 8

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This poll closes at 8:00 CST on March 13.

Get Live for sure. Much better flying with friends that flying alone


Live+, you get live and Q400.

If you want the Q400, look at my review!

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Get Live+ all airplanes and regions and live, for free. If you buy live+

Guys… He’s asking if he should get the Dash or Live. There’s no point in saying he should get Live+ because he’s not asking if he should get Live+.

Anyway, I would definitely choose Live over the Dash. Even though the Dash is great, Live is so much better. :)


Get the Live+ subscription.

It will unlock all aircraft and regions with live.

My god, read what @Henrik_B said. There is no point saying that because I am asking between normal live and and the Dash.

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Do apologize didn’t see his post,

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Flying piece of garbage? Thats a little harsh, he’s new and you’re harassing him already :(

@Pilot8 Go for the Dash 8.


Get the dash 8.

Get the Dash 8… 50/50 at the moment

It is very small and every time I try to land I die

That’s why they invented, throttle and pitch.

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Get Live, the Dash wouldn’t be bad either.

Changed the time.

It’s still 50/50. I’d get Live to be able to fly with the community, then get the Dash

He is deciding between the plane and live for a month not a year subscription.

How about wharever you want? If you want the Dash 8, buy it. Do the same for Live if you want it.
Or buy both if you have money to spare.

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I would be.buy live.

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