What Should I Get? [Poll]

Hello everyone, @PlanesForLife here!

I have to make a decision on what model to get! This poll will close at 20:15Z Sharp! So vote now please! I have a few choices:

  • Hogan Wings, Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, Sunrise Livery, House Colors, 1:200 Scale - $39.55
  • Skymarks, Airbus a380-800, House Colors, 1:200 Scale - $39.95
  • Hogan Wings, Boeing 787-800, House Colors, 1:200 - $36.71
  • If you have any cheap airplanes (1:200) House colors of any company, just reply here! I would greatly appreciate that. P.S., it has to be sold in the USA!

0 voters

assuming that’s EDT time zone? 1 hour and 17 minutes exact from now.

Yep. I need more voters, though!

You can still vote!

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