What should I fly for FNF?

I’m having trouble with picking a route and plane for FNF. Any suggestions?

Check this. The Best Places To Find A Flight - #83 by MishaCamp

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Vienna to Bangkok. Amazing views, 10 hour flight. I and @Captain_JR are currently doing it but at different times. You can choose either Thai or Eva air, maybe even the generic 777.

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Jesus Christ, you read my mind, the whole flight path through 😂

Was just about to suggest this, Generic 777 = Love ❤️ — that plain white ‘ol livery gives you all the versatility when flying, and has this non-painted retro feeling too ;)

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You could also do this! Just input either Bangkok airports and it will give you a random route involving the airport you input :)


I recommend flying to VRMM, its is a fantastic airport! The route network is somewhat trimmed with Covid but you can still fly the older cancelled routes.

Can anyone give me an 11 hour flight into Bangkok?

He’s looking for FNF routes. :)

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I’m currently doing TG793. Operating from New York’s Kennedy Airport to Bangkok’s Subarnabhumi Airport, this used to be a flight flown by Thai Airways on their a340-500, but was discontinued in 2012 due to unprofitability. With the a350 in IF, I decided to give this flight a try! It clocks in around 17 hours 10 minutes however.

For 11-12 hour flights, really any flight from Europe to Bangkok (or vice versa) would work. A couple recommended ones:

  • LX180 - departing from Zurich (LSZH)

  • AY141 - departing from Helsinki (EFHK)

  • AF166 - departing from Paris (LFPG)

  • LH722 - departing from Frankfurt (EDDF)

  • KL875 - departing from Amsterdam (EHAM)

  • BA9 - departing from London (EGLL)

  • DY7209 - departing from Copenhagen (EKCH)

  • DY7205 - departing from Stockholm (ESSA)

  • PS271 - departing from Kiev (UKBB)

  • TG(XXX) - great morning departures from practically anywhere in Europe! (EGLL/LFPG/EDDF/EBBR/LSZH/ETC.)

Hope this helps! Have a nice journey! 😁

Info obtained from FlightMapper


thx bro I think I might to lhr to bkk but idk yet

LFPG (Paris CDG) - VTBS (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi)
This is around 11 hours.

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