What should I expect from the training server?

What should a noob (like me) expect from the training server?


A living hell but with ATC.


A living hell.


Coooool! Looking forward to it! :)


as a frequent atc at TS, please follow every instruction ATC gives you, this makes life easier


ahahahaha listening to ATC rarely works


Make sure to keep an eye out for me at LAX. I usually buzz it every day or two.


The training server is for pilots to refine their skills or troll. Don’t expect expert ATC for 100% realism. Everyone’s learning. For the best experience, avoid KLAX or EGLL


yeah… I’m not that good with ATC stuff.

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By saying it’s a living hell why don’t we try and explain why it may be kind of like that? It’s a big vague and can bring on a bad impression in my opinion without backing it up.

This server is for people to practice on with the introduction of ATC. Not all ATC procedures will be accurate or realistic as people are practicing. This also brings violations to this server you can get. People still may be getting used to the sim itself and may not know some functions thus why we have a reserved server (expert server) for serious users.



hey! I frequent Los Angeles too!

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If you are moving on from the Casual Server to the Training Server, you should expect Air Traffic Controller’s active throughout many airports in the globe. You will receive a message upon spawning for the basic Training Server Information.

Since you seem to be a new pilot, be sure to check out the #tutorials Category, or head to User Guide to learn more about flying, managing with the ATC and simple rules of Infinite Flight. I hope this helps. đź‘Ť


thank you so much!

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Its like expert server with a small amount of realism and no ghosting

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This is great for people like me and you who do our best to control properly, not seeing a button and thinking “I wonder what that does, let’s spam it and find out”. Also, sometimes, you do have to disobey TS ATC who don’t what there doing, for example, “expect vectors for the ILS R27L at EGLL”. And then they don’t give you any vectors, in that case, you have to vector yourself.
But yes, please do follow our instructions at fiest, to see if we know what we’re doing and/or not spamming/sitting in silence.

But yeah, basicallybit’s casual server with ATC

its casual with violations, atc is used but they have no power. Try and follow it for realism but they cant do much

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Something w little bit better than casual

As long as you stay away from London Heathrow and LAX, you should have some success.

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It’s not that bad, when I control on KLAX or EGLL most people listen. But I think it helps that I know how to control

Just do your best while “learning”…follow CORRECT ATC instructions, ignore incorrect instructions (there are no consequences on TS from humans…only system violations) and don’t pick up bad habits from pilots or ATC…use casual when you don’t feel like following CORRECT ATC instructions or don’t want violations from the system…Good Luck…👍🏽