What should I expect from Silver Airways?

My Flight
Airline: Silver Airways
Flight Number: 3M75
Departure Airport: Orlando (MCO) (KMCO)
Arrival Airport: Key West (EYW) (KEYW)
Departure Time: 12:50 (EST)
Arrival Time: 14:20 (EST)
Aircraft: Saab 340
Duration: 1h30min
Cabin Class: Economy
Seat: 3A
Date: December 23, 2018

Dude, I am asking for what I should expect, I haven’t flown with them yet but soon.

Oh right, my bad! I read it as if it was a flight review.

Well really nothing much. A slow flight that might loud and probably a drink service

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Silver airlines, the name says it all:

Normal seats are replaced with lazy lounge chairs.
On-board BBQ champagne lunch.
Full size cinema TV screen with private surround system and subwoofer.
Free use of the on-board hot tub with foot massage.
A little present after you disembark.

Have a nice flight 😉


According to @N1DG It turns out to be the opposite LOL.

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Lol flew on them once but was along time ago, so I’m trying to figure out the details on how my flight went


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