What should I expect from Air Macau?

My flight Information:
Date:November 16, 2018
Flight Number: NX619
Departure Airport: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) (RCTP)
Arrival Airport: Macau International Airport (MFM) (VMMC)
Aircraft: A321
Seat: 2F
Cabin: Business Class
Flight Duration:2 hours
Departure Time: 9:25 am (China Standard Time)
Arrival Time: 11:25 am (China Standard Time)

This photo is from Planespotters.net.


I dont know anything about this airline. But have a great trip! :)

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If you have an average body length, I think there’s a good change you’ll end up sitting with your legs up in the air, folded over the seat in front of you. Don’t forget to apologize to the passenger in front. If you get served food, it’ll probably be a nice Cantonese dish.

Enjoy your time in Macau!


Actually, I am going to Macau because I am transferring to Haikou on Hainan Island. My actual Macau trip is in December.

Got a 7 hours and 30 minutes layover after arriving.

Go to the city! When I am in a 4h+ layover and the city is close, we always visit the surroundings
That’s how I got to know Zurich in the first place :-)

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I’m going again to Macau in December anyways, so Imma just do 7 hours of planespotting.

I’ve flown on Air Macau SOOO much! I do recommend EVA better if you haven’t booked you flight. Actually I flew that flight only this summer!

@Kamryn I have flown EVA a lot, but the tickets were too expensive since we booked recently, so we went with Air Macau.

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